We may be able to offer assistance, depending on the manner in which the item was lost.

First, you must send a support ticket within 10 business days of losing the item.

Second, the item must have been lost in a manner where restoring it would not provide any kind of unfair advantage. For example, we can usually restore items lost in the following manners:

  • Lost due to verifiable bug
  • Sold to an NPC vendor
  • Destroyed via 'Destroy' function
  • Exchanged via 'Resource' function
  • Opened box (non-random contents)

We CANNOT restore items lost in the following manners:

  • Failed refinement attempt
  • Exchanged via 'Create' function
  • Traded to another player
  • Accidentally used consumable item
  • Dropped on ground (unless we can confirm that item was not picked up by someone else)
  • Opened box (random contents)
  • Exchange for item which has been consumed/used

If you are uncertain, you may still ask for a restoration. However, we reserve the right to refuse to restore any item where we feel that doing so provides an unreasonable advantage to the player.

To request an item be restored, please send a support ticket with the following information:

Character name: 

Item name (exact text if possible): 

Time/date at which item was lost, or last confirmed time/date you had it: 

Any other relevant details: