If you would like to help us GMs out and become more involved in the game and events, be one of our CAs (Community Advisors)!

Here are what CAs do:

- Generally assist players in-game

- Report bugs/illegal activities to GMs

- Collect feedback from players and suggest improvements or events to GMs

- Check and monitor the in-game public chats, and social channels

We expect CAs to invest at least around 10 hours per week into the position.

CAs are considered a volunteer position, but becoming a CA will allow access to certain privileged information about the game and our operations policies, and as such, requires agreeing to an NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

If you are interested, send us a Ticket with the following information:

- Papaya Play ID 

- Discord ID (if available)

- Country/timezone you live in

- Native language(s), and other language(s) you are comfortable to communicate with others in-game

- Level/Class in-game (specify which server)

- Years you have played Tree Of Savior (specify which server)

- Hours you play/can play Tree Of Savior weekly 

- Brief explanation of your personal experience with Tree Of Savior

- Reasons why you are eligible for this position

- What you hope to accomplish as a CA

Please be aware that, while you may be overflowing with ideas and suggestions for how to improve the game, everything goes through the developers and within a realistic scope of development resources for implementation.

Send all CA applications in a Support Ticket and we'll get in touch with you if we think you might be suitable.