Account verification is necessary in order to use UWC for the Wheel.

You will find a "10004 : Exception" Error if this is the case.

To verify your account, please follow the steps below:

1) Access your Papaya Play account by going to the website and clicking on your Account name on the top right. Select “My Account”.

2) If you have not verified your email address, there should be a message at the top that says “PLEASE VERIFY YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS”.

3) Click on “Edit” of your email, where it will show the current email you are using for your account. Next to it, you should see the button “Resend”. Click “Resend”.

4) This will resend your account verification email again. Once you receive it, follow its instructions to verify your email address.

Once completed, you should now be able to purchase from the Lucky Wheel!

If you are still having issues even after following the steps above, please send a Ticket to the UWO Support Desk.