1. Go to the Charge Portal https://www.papayaplay.com/shop/main.do and click on the green bubble in the bottom right that says “Help”

2. Click on "Contact us" in the window that pops up.

3. Enter the relevant information including your Papaya ID, the Papaya Play Game you were having currency issues with, choose “Billing” from the drop-down menu for category, upload any relevant files, the primary subject for the issue (basic explanation of the problem) and a short description of the issue. After all this information is entered, press Send on the bottom.

4. Once sent, the conversation with support can be followed by visiting the Papaya Play support page: https://vertigogamesaid.freshdesk.com/support/tickets or checking and replying to the emails sent by the support system (these will be sent to the primary account email the support ticket was started with)