For issues with purchases through the Papaya Play Charge Portal involving Paymentwall (Credit Card / PayPal / Terminal3) the following process must be followed:

1. Go to the Charge Portal and choose the type of Papaya Play Currency you are having issues with. 

(UWC of Uncharted Waters Online was chosen in this example):

2. Then select the Tab you are having issues with (Credit Card / PayPal / Terminal3)

(PayPal was chosen in this example) and choose any of the currency amounts. 

(as if you were going to make a new purchase):

3. Once the new window has loaded, click the Help button in the top right corner of the window:

4. Another window will open. From here select “Did not receive your goods or service?” if the issue is with an existing transaction that was unsuccessful in some way. Select “Any other questions?” if the issue involves not being able to make a purchase or some other issue with the service. 

5. If “Did not receive your goods or service?” was selected, you must choose the transaction you are having issues with (Navigate through multiple pages if they exist with the numbers above the back button) and press Next. If you transaction is not shown, select “Can't find my payment.”

6. Selecting “Can't find my payment” will allow you to upload a receipt of the missing transaction in one of the given file types. Also enter the email you wish to be contacted with (Ideally the email connected to the Papaya Play account that is having the issue) and press submit.

7. Once Submit is pressed in either of the above scenarios you will receive an email at the address given that will explain the rest of the process. Follow the instructions in that email and answer any questions the support requests.