No accounts cannot be recovered.

Gameforge/Steam account:

  • When the game closed, Dragonfly had no plans on reopening the game on EU, so they didn't search any new publisher or even ask for the data to be transferred, which means, this data belonged to Gameforge. Once Papaya Play aka Vertigo Games got the licence, they had no data from the old game because of that reason.

  • Steam doesn't save progress at all. It's all linked to the publisher. Old Steam SF2 accounts were on Gameforge too.

PlayPark account:

  • We didn't release the game for the SEA market, so no, we either have their account data.

Also keep in mind, if these companies wanted to transfer the accounts to Dragonfly they had to ask everybody for permission, same with Dragonfly when transferring to Vertigo Games/Papaya Play.