Thank you for contacting the Tree of Savior Support Team.


We are sorry for the inconvenience. The following are the solutions to our most common technical issues. Please try the following methods in order:


  1. Reboot the computer. Then, disable any real time anti-virus/Internet Security, and if that doesn’t work, uninstall them. Some anti-virus will falsely detect Xigncode as a virus and prevent it from functioning correctly, thus preventing the game from starting or causing it to close without warning.

  2. Try closing 3rd party programs when opening the game. For example, Macro, hotkey, auto-clicker, game booster, Razor keyboard/mouse suite, video recording, VPN such as exitlag, Raptr, AMD Gaming Evolved, etc. If it still does not work, do trial and error turning them off/uninstall one by one.

  3. If your computer has any Firewall software installed, it might be blocking the port which the game requires to access the internet. Please disable it or uninstall it.

  4. Turn off windows defender by using Start -> type “windows defender” in the search -> Tools -> Administrator -> uncheck “use this program.”

  5. Make sure you are logged into an account with full Administrator authorization on the computer.

  6. Make sure your computer matches the system requirements.
    You can check the following link for details:

  7.  Make sure you have enough space on the disk. 32 GB of free space is generally enough.

  8. Uninstall the game and delete the game folder, then install the game from our Papaya Play official website. If "Download the Full Game" does not work, try the "Download Launcher".

  9. Try deleting all the content under the "TreeOfSaviorVTG\patch" folder and start the game.


Hopefully one of these will solve your issue, but if it still does not, please send us details with screenshots and your computer specs so we can investigate your case.


Best regards,

Team Tree of Savior