A chargeback happens when a bank/payment gateway reverses a purchase of in-game paid currency made from your account. In-game paid currencies include:

  • NDC in 9 Dragons
  • Gems in BlackShot
  • LTC in La Tale 
  • WRC in War Rock
  • FSC in 4Story
  • UWC in Uncharted Waters Online

If you don’t remember reversing the payment, the bank or credit card owner may have done it for you. If you’ve lost access to your account due to someone making purchases from it, submit a ticket and we’ll do what we can to help.


To combat potential fraud, Papaya Play has a few rules in regards to how it deals with chargebacks:

  • Your Papaya Play Account will be suspended once a chargeback occurs. You may be able to regain access to your account by repaying the amount owed (more info on that below).
  • Fraud alerts and Requests for Information (where the cardholder or card-issuing bank verifies the authenticity of a transaction) may be treated as chargebacks.
  • If a single Papaya Play Account has multiple chargebacks, Papaya Play has the right to perma-ban that account.

How to Repay Your Chargeback

However a chargeback happens, you can regain access to your account by paying the balance (unless you’ve been perma-banned for multiple chargebacks).

In Order for your to proceed and see if you are eligible for Repayment of Chargeback please submit a ticket.