For issues with purchases through the Papaya Play Charge Portal involving Xsolla this process must be followed:

1. Go to the Charge Portal and choose the type of Papaya Play Currency you are having issues with. 

(UWC of Uncharted Waters Online was chosen in this example):

2. Then select the Xsolla Tab and choose any of the currency amounts. 

(as if you were going to make a new purchase):

3. When the new window has loaded, click on the purple speech bubbles in the bottom left hand corner and select one of: 

    A. Live Chat (Usually the fastest) 

    B. Messenger (To connect through Facebook's Messenger) 

    C. Submit a ticket (To connect through email)

A. If you select 'Live Chat', send an initial message with the issue you are having and a support person will reply in a very short period of time and you can discuss the issue directly with them. Click the plus sign to add in files or images regarding the issue.B. For 'Messenger', once you have sent your initial message, you can navigate to the online Messenger app using the link provided or continue the conversation in any other Messenger app on your mobile device or through the Facebook Website.

C. For “Submit a Ticket,” you must enter your name, email address, the transaction ID for the transaction you are having issues with and a short description of the problem. This is the slowest method but is useful when you cannot attend the computer to deal with the issue immediately. Replies will be sent to the email address provided.