Dekaron involves player-versus-player combat, and playing the game implies that you are prepared for confrontations.

If you are being repeatedly and constantly targeted, to the point where you can no longer enjoy the game, we can sometimes issue warnings or take action against players who engage in this sort of harassment. However, whether any incident constitutes actual harassment remains at our discretion. Please send a support ticket, and include as much evidence as you are able to obtain, such as screenshots.

Note that the PK channel is intended to be a "free-for-all" player-versus-player environment, and there are no restrictions on PvP activity for characters on the PK channel, besides forbidding the use of third-party programs or gameplay exploits.

Be advised that any actions which may be taken against offending accounts are internal matters, and we do not disclose specific information as to whether they have taken place or for what reasons, except to the verified account owner.